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Tropico Blvd is a fusion rock group in Tampa, Florida.

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📍 9/20 - Raffurty's, Sarasota

📍 9/21 - Dunedin Smokehouse, Dunedin

📍 10/5 - Dunedin Smokehouse, Dunedin

📍 10/11 - Whiskey Joe's, Tampa

📍 10/18 - Raffurty's, Sarasota

📍 10/19 - Walking Tree Brewery, Vero Beach

📍 11/15 - Raffurty's, Sarasota

📍 12/7 - Motorworks, Bradenton

📍 12/20 - Raffurty's, Sarasota

Miguel Lantigua Shows

Miguel Lantigua Band & Solo Acoustic Show Dates


📍 9/4 - Ringside Cafe, St Petersburg ^

📍 9/11 - Mad Beach Dive Bar, Madeira Beach *

📍 9/18 - Ringside Cafe, St Petersburg ^

📍 9/25 - Mad Beach Dive Bar, Madeira Beach *

📍 10/9 - Raffurty’s, Sarasota +

^ Miguel Lantigua Band

* Solo Acoustic

+ Acoustic Show with Billy Beck

Tropico BLVD at Red Star Rock Bar, Art Walk at Bottle's Pub & Ruby's Elixir!

We got a slew of shows this week and we cannot wait to see you there!


📍 7/26 - Red Star Rock Bar, Tampa FL
📍 7/27 - Art Walk at Bottle's Pub, Pinellas Park FL
📍 8/1 - Crowbar, Tampa FL

📍 8/3 - Red Star Ybor, Ybor City FL
📍 8/16 - Ruby's Elixir, DTSP
📍 8/17 - Cage Brewing, DTSP
📍 8/24 - Raffurty's, Sarasota FL
📍 8/31 - Geckofest 2019, Gulfport FL

Pics or it didn't happen - Thank you Music Fest News!

Check out these amazing pictures from our Rage Against the Machine Tribute show over at Crowbar.

Full pictures and article here.

Miguel Lantigua, Tropico Blvd – Photo credit: John Strojny

Miguel Lantigua, Tropico Blvd – Photo credit: John Strojny

Audrey Short, Tropico Blvd – Photo credit: John Strojny

Audrey Short, Tropico Blvd – Photo credit: John Strojny

Cody Moore, Tropico Blvd – Photo credit: John Strojny

Cody Moore, Tropico Blvd – Photo credit: John Strojny

Dan Gailey, Tropico Blvd – Photo credit: John Strojny

Dan Gailey, Tropico Blvd – Photo credit: John Strojny

We had such an amazing time at this show, we saw come incredible performances from the artists on stage, including Bangarang who continued to light up the house!

The production was excellent with Miguel and Don manning the lights and video presentations through out the entire show. The band was led by Justino Lee Walker on guitar, Vinny Svoboda on bass and Michael Garrie on drums. Vocalists were Cess Colindres, Jon Ditty, Senyo Fugar, Chris Pack, and Noah Prescott.

Special thanks to Bungalow for putting the show together along with Crowbar and NO Clubs in Tampa.

See you on the next one!

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Sun Mar 3 - Mad Beach Block Party
Fri Mar 8 - Eckerd College
Sat Mar 9 - Ruby's Elixir
Wed Mar 13 - Ringside Cafe
Wed Mar 27 - Ringside Cafe
Sat Apr 6 - Ringside Cafe
Wed Apr 10 - Ringside Cafe

Fri Apr 12 - The Ale and the Witch
Sat Apr 20 - Eckerd College
Wed Apr 24 - Ringside Cafe
Sun May 19 - Orange Blossom Jamboree

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Rise N'Shine Reggae Sunday

Rise N'Shine Reggae Sunday | 2/10/19 | Cage Brewing


We had a fantastic time at the Rise N’Shine Reggae Sunday at Cage Brewing this past Sunday! The event is was hosted by Goatfish Productions and it was a really special event. We started at 4pm and sound checked with Is This Love by Bob Marley, our first time performing that song, it was chill and it really helped us gauge the room. We managed to perform a few reggae covers that were really well received. It let us know that we are riding a good wave, and get ready for a few new reggae originals that we are cooking up! Dan’s mom was in the audience and so was Kaimesha’s , Michelle. We played Scarlet Begonias for her once we were told it was her birthday. Great jams and the boys of Guerilla Panic and Propaganjah brought a great show!

Unfortunately we did not record this show, however Don swears it was an amazing show. We will have to hope that was the case.

Rise N’Shine Reggae Sunday | 2/10/19 | Cage Brewing, St Petersburg, FL

Is This Love (soundcheck)

Drunk Uncle, I Shot the Sheriff, Moving Out, Road Trippin’, Amber, Scarlet Begonias, Dave, Sunday Morning, Slide, Walking on the moon, The Rails, Happy Birthday, Jolly Roger

Rise N' Shine Reggae Sunday!

Reggae Rhythms on a Sunday Downtown

Rise n Shine Reggae Sunday Poster.jpg

Rise N’ Shine Reggae Sunday at Cage Brewing, St Petersburg, FL | Sunday 2/10/19

Can’t wait to hit Cage Brewing for the first time along with these acts—Guerilla Panic & Propaganjah!

We Got Interviewed by the USF Crow's Nest Newspaper

Keyboardist Mike Mayea stood in for Tropico Blvd Jan. 25, creating huge, resonant sounds for everything from the “Stranger Things” theme song to Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime.” Brendon Porter | The Crow’s Nest

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